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About us 

logoDispatch News Desk International operates in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South Asia and South East Asia through its professional and experienced reporters, stingers, correspondents and contributors.

We have collaboration with different media organizations in Nepal, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Armenia, Russia and Ukraine. We barter news, articles, promotional articles and documentary videos with several media organizations. We also hire services of news agencies for spreading and receiving news around our area of interests.

Our readership consists of researchers, graduate students and diplomats, among others. Dispatch News Desk International readers are open-minded, curious and interested in international politics.
Apart from gathering news through its networking, staff, stingers and contributors, Dispatch News Desk International also republishes/lifted/reproduced articles from respected international news sources including AFP, Reuters, Dispatch News Desk news agency, Jerusalem Post, Xinhua, UzReport and Sofia News Agency.
Dispatch News Desk International focuses on the following areas:
* Regional Development
* Foreign policy
* Economy and politics
* Asia
* South Asia
* Caucasus
*Eastern Europe
* Central Asia
* Energy
* Responsible Tourism
* Europe
* Middle East

* Security


Permanent Staff

agha-iqrar-haroonChief Editor Agha Iqrar Haroon has been working with national and international media houses for the last 25 years as journalist as well as Development Observer. He also anchored shows in Abb Takk and Waqt News television channels. He has strong background of project management working with Public (Media Consultant Ministry of Tourism Government of Pakistan, private (Chief Controller News Waqt Television and supervisor of Current Affairs Department Geo TV Lahore) and international organizations (Country Coordinator/Producer Abu Dhabi Television Coordinator/Reporter Al-Jazeera Arabic Islamabad and Correspondent eTN United States in Pakistan and Central Asia).
He has around 2300 news reports and 40 documentaries on his credit in electronic media and around 1500 special reports in the field of conflict reporting, politics, education, health, tourism in print media including interviews of former prime ministers, federal ministers and provincial ministers. He sometime also teaches in Beacon House University Lahore (Television production).

Central Asia:

Abbas Khan is very senior journalist of Central Asia and he had been the voice of Radio Tashkent for 3 decades. He covers Uzbekistan


Varonika is a student of regional studies and free lance journalist. She covers news from Moscow, Russia

Eastern Europe:

Qualified from Kiev State University, Ira Lisova is a bold journalist who has been working with dispatch News desk International since maidan Euro Kiev crises.


Syeda Munawara Qazi is young activist and journalist educated from Dhaka University. Having masters degree in political science, Munawara targets social issues from Bangladesh.


О нас

Dispatch News Desk International работает в Восточной Европе, Средней Азии, Южной Азии и Юго-Восточной Азии через профессиональных и опытных репортеров, проницательных  корреспондентов и соучастников.

У нас есть сотрудничество с различными организациями СМИ в Непале, Малайзии, Бангладеш, Иране, Индии, Шри-Ланке, Пакистане, Таджикистане, Кыргызстане, Узбекистане, Казахстане, Болгарии, Армении, России и Украине. Мы обмениваемся  новостями, статьями , рекламой  и документальными  видео с несколькими организациями СМИ.

Мы также предоставляем  услуги информационным  агентствам  для распространения и получения новостей вокруг области  наших интересов.