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List of 54 fake degree holder parliamentarians who cheat with the nation

List of 54 fake degree holder parliamentarians who cheat with the nation

ISLAMABAD: Here is final list of fake degree holder parliamentarians who ruled the country for 5 years after sitting in the Parliament of Pakistan. Election Commission of Pakistan has released final list that you can download for your ready reference in future. These are who cheated with people and the nation by submitting fake degrees

Тарон-намеренно вымирающий народ

Таронцы — это небольшая этническая группа, живущая в гималайских предгорьях на севере Бирмы. Они также известны как азиатские пигмеи. Средний рост взрослого мужчины из этого племени — чуть ниже полутора метров. Численность таронцев сокращается, и скоро они полностью исчезнут. Самое странное в этом то, что таронцы делают это умышленно, так как в какой-то момент времени большинство таронских младенцев стало рождаться с врождёнными умственными дефектами.

Indian actor Sunjay Dutt gets five years in prison in 1993 Mumbai blasts case

New Delhi: The Indian Supreme Court on Thursday confirmed the death sentence of Yakub Abdul Razak Memon in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case while  sentenced Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt. An anti-terror TADA court had in 1993 awarded death sentence to 12 people, including Memon. Dutt had been sentenced to six years jail term for possessing a weapon

Saima Ammar: A blind woman deserves Nishan-e-Imtiaz Pakistan

By: Iftikhar Hussain Jazib The history of women activism in Pakistan and welfare of Persons with disabilities will remain incomplete if the august name of Saima Ammar (late) will not be mentioned. Being a woman and special person, the milestones Saima achieved are enough to raise all praise for her. She really deserves the highest

India gains supremacy in Asia by putting seven satellites in orbit

Chennai: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched Indo-French satellite ‘SARAL’ from the spaceport of Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh on Monday. Dispatch News Desk reported. The satellite aimed at oceanographic studies along with six foreign mini and micro satellites onboard ISRO’s workhorse rocket PSLV was launched from the first launch pad of Satish Dhawan Space Centre at

The plight of Khairunisa, a middle-aged woman who was granted bail thrice but languishing in Tihar Jail

New Delhi: The plight of Khairunisa, a middle-aged woman hailing from the Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh, who has been in judicial custody at Tihar Central Jail here since January 1, raises several questions, The Hindu reports. These are questions about how the monetary bail process offers little relief to poor people and migrants; and

PKNIC is Allegedly Hacked Again

ISLAMABAD: PakBugs, a hacker group from Pakistan, claims to have penetrated into PKNIC servers – the entity that manages country level domains (such as, .pk, and others) for Pakistan – and has taken control of several domains. Hackers claims to have account information of 23,000 PKNIC users and their domains. They claim to

India’s cabinet approves death penalty in severe rape cases

NEW DELHI: In the wake of a brutal gang-rape in New Delhi that sparked national outrage and public began demanding stern action against the culprits, India’s cabinet has approved harsher punishments for rapists, including the death penalty, a senior minister on Saturday. A three-member government-appointed panel headed by former Chief Justice of India J.S. Verma