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Circular Debt in Power Sector of Pakistan – How to eliminate it?

Circular Debt in Power Sector of Pakistan – How to eliminate it?

By Mohammad Younus Dagha “You are not responsible for the past, but insofar as you do nothing, you are complicit in the present created by it.” ― Jonathan R. Miller When we talk of the turnaround of the Power Sector by presenting the improved figures of recoveries and losses, claiming it as a historicachievement; when

Irom Chanu Sharmila is a civil rights activist, political activist, and poet from the Indian state of Manipur.

90 votes for Irom Sharmila: Let the brutalities continue in Manipur by Indian soldiers

By Parvatee Jain India is a land where activism and fight for the rights of poor and downtrodden is met with bullet, social abuses, hunger, suicide and social murder. Mahatma Gandhi was killed because he wished an independent India free from social ill and social inequality. Thousands of men, women and children had been victim

NAP, a successful plan…….Is it?

By Ali Zain Raza National Action Plan, a phrase that has been quite famous with the politicians since the depressive occurrence of APS Peshawar and is something which they feel pride in mentioning as their success, has it really been a success in light of the recent blasts? I choose to disagree. More than 100

A “Greater Asia” bloc and future of Pakistan

От Евразии до Большой Азии- продукт китайско-российской интеграции

DND – 7 января 2017 От Евразии до большей Азии Ага Икрар Харун Над евроазийскими фондами появляется больший азиатский блок.Это будет расширение евразийской идеи президента России Владимира Путина, который не включал Южную Азию в свое видение, когда он рисовал карту Евразии. Его концептуальная карта хотела соединить Лиссабон с Владивостоком – глубокой восточной частью России, возглавляющая

A “Greater Asia” bloc and future of Pakistan

“Greater Asia” bloc and future of Pakistan

Monitoring Desk: A Greater Asia bloc is emerging over Eurasian foundations and Pakistan being a rising market and South Asian nuclear country can become “centre-point” of bloc, hopes Eurasian expert Agha Iqrar Haroon. In his article “From Eurasia to Greater Asia— A product of Sino-Russia integration” published recently, Haroon says that Greater Asia will be

Президент Дональд Трамп- Голос Америки

Новоизбранный президент Дональд Трамп – истинный Голос Американы, возможно, не американцев. Он был помечен “вульгарный” корпоративными СМИ — СМИ, которые обычно являются голосом американских учреждений. Его личность изображалась как плейбой, оскорбитель , женолюб и сексуальный насильник. Он был обрисован ,как расист, требующий для американской системы рабочих мест, которые могут обеспечить безопасность работы для правнуков тех,

Stop bubble wrapping your kids

Stop bubble wrapping your kids

Developing a Self-Reliance By Sana Haroon Self-Reliance is a fundamental belief in yourself that you can control your life by yourself. You are truly independent when you use your abilities to live your own life or to find the solutions of your own problems. The world is progressing extremely fast as our elders hardly recognize

A new Holodomor taking place in Eastern Ukraine

Holodomor taking place in Eastern Ukraine

A new Holodomor taking place in Eastern Ukraine By Senishin Harsh Ukrainian winter is already gripping war-swallowed Eastern Ukraine where over 60,000 people mostly pensioners have no access to food, electricity, gas, clean drinking water. Absence of gas and electricity left them only with woods to heat their half destroyed homes. Dreadful possibilities of living

Индийская разведка совершил нападение в Кветта, Пакистан

Loaded with Responsibility

By Salma Ahmed Instant flying to Quetta by Chief of Pakistan Army Gen. Raheel Sharif shows again that he stands with nation wherever and whenever he is needed by the nation. Terrorists attacked Police Training Centre at Quetta and it was not a military establishment and military personal were not martyred therefore there was no